Knowledge is wealth…For the overall and well rounded development of the students and to prepare them for various competitive examinations in the future, a special environment has been created. A huge library has been built that has books on both worldly and religious subjects.


Today world is becoming more and more digitized and computer education has become a necessity. Kahan Shishu Vihar has a special dedicated computer room for the children. They are taught computers at an early age.


Playing sports and music is a freshness dose to children in their rigorous educational training. There is a huge playground within the campus for the physical development of children where different types of sports equipment are made available to them. In addition to that, there are rooms for indoor games where children can play carrom, chess, table tennis etc. Also, there is a music room where all the instruments are made available for the children.


Today’s fast paced and competitive world demands a lot from children. Various cultural programs, vocational courses, weekly talks and competitions are organized regularly for well rounded personality development of children.


A healthy child is an exuberant, energetic and hungry for knowledge. Special care regarding health is necessary and special attention is given to the health of the children. Doctors have been appointed to provide their services regularly.


Special classes are conducted by experts on subjects that students find difficult. Even though the medium of instruction is both English and Gujarati, students learn to read and speak Gujarati within three months in this environment.