Admission Process


In the present day materialistic world, it is very necessary to inculcate Jain religious culture along with worldly education hence we request you to send your children to this school and encourage them to lead the life of a soul-seeker (Atmarthi).

5 year course syllabus from standard six to ten has been fixed at Kahan Shishu Vihar. Every year 20 students who have secured more than 60% marks in standard five are given admission here. Those who wish to get admission here should fill the admission form by March 30. Eligible students are invited along with their guardians for an interview to an eligibility Shibir which is organized around the third week of April. This is advertised in various social newspapers. Information about the admission process and admission forms are available on our website. It is mandatory to fill the form online. Following flow chart explains step by step admission process.

flow chart for step by step admission process
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Sr.No. Deadline Steps Description
1 January Newspaper Ad KSV admission process initiated and all the students are informed by newspaper advertisement.
2 31st March Admission Form Complete all the application form online via The deadline for application form submission is 31th March.
3 15th April Application Form Screening KSV applications are screened by the application review committee. The selected applicants are invited for a 3 day eligibility conference (shibir).
4 April End 3 Day Eligibility Conference A pre-qualification English, Science and Maths exams are conducted of all the selected candidates. They are also taught religious concepts during the conference. All the applicants are then examined and interviewed for behavioural skills and religious concepts. This completes all the eligibility tests. The application review committee then selects appropriate students.
5 Mid May Admission Confirmation The selected applicants are communicated with the positive eligibility results. The selected applicants are then invited to complete the admission process.
6 20th May Security Deposit Payment KSV is a completely free institute. A mere 5000/- security deposit is taken from students that is returned on successful completion of 5 years of religious and conventional education.
7 June first week Term Begins Students are required to join the school in the first week of June. They need to come with List of things to bring mentioned in a separate section.